What can the Kia Access App do?

Best features and functions of the Kia Access smartphone app 

Kia models are known today as some of the most innovative on the American market, with high-tech infotainment that brings you closer to your daily life as you drive. To complement Kia’s UVO infotainment system, the brand has developed its Kia Access app, which allows you to control basically every important aspect of your car right from the palm of your hand. Check out the best features and functions of the Kia Access smartphone app with Boucher Kia today! 

Kia Access app Remote Climate Control

Remote Climate Control 

The weather in Wisconsin is notoriously unpredictable, so if it’s a particularly hot or cold day outside, you can use Kia Access to warm up (or cool down) your Kia vehicle before you step inside.  

Remote Door Lock/Unlock in Kia Access app

Remote Door Lock/Unlock 

One of UVO link’s key features is your ability to control specific vehicle functions from the app; in particular, you’re able to lock or unlock your doors from your phone – using sensors, your model will oblige.  

Find my Car interface in Kia Access app

Find My Car 

If you’re going to a busy event or just heading downtown for the day, one of the most annoying experiences is forgetting where you parked. Kia Access has you covered, as it can use GPS tracking to help you figure out where you left your model. Not only that, but it’ll also give you directions to it! 

Google Assistant working with Kia UVo

Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant 

Smart voice assistants are all the rage nowadays, and two of the best sellers in today’s market are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They’re both compatible with UVO, and you’re able to set reminders, play songs, and even more just by asking! 

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Test drive a new Kia model at Boucher Kia in Racine WI 

Kia Access and UVO link will both be available on most new Kia models outfitted with the UVO infotainment system – if you’d like to see how they work, come by Boucher Kia today and we’ll give you a demonstration!