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dashboard view of a Kia car

Which models have Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ in Racine, WI?

Vehicles with Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ near Racine, WI 

When you plan to buy a new car, you can choose from several options. Whether you want a sedan, an SUV, or an MPV, you can explore the incredible lineup of Kia vehicles. While Kia cars are popular among Americans for their reliability and safety systems, they’re also known for their technological specifications. If you’re looking for a vehicle with Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ near Racine, WI, you can come to us at Frank Boucher Kia.  

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A gray 2022 Kia Forte GT-Line parked on a cliff at sunset

What Colors Does the 2022 Kia Forte Come In?

2022 Kia Forte Exterior Color Options

It’s just been about a month since the redesigned 2022 Kia Forte came into our showroom, and it’s already starting to become quite the fan-favorite here at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine. If you’re thinking of buying one and want to know what colors it comes in, check out this blog post highlighting the exterior color options for the 2022 Kia Forte.

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A gray 2022 Kia Forte GT-Line parked on a cliff at sunset

2022 Kia Forte Announced with New Design and More Features

What’s new on the updated 2022 Kia Forte?

Kia has given a 2022 model year update to the Kia Forte compact sedan in North America. The 2022 Kia Forte brings a host of exterior enhancements, including the updated Kia logo, redesigned headlights, and a fresh take on the “tiger nose” grille. It also brings a 10.25-inch widescreen display and an extended suite of new and upgraded Kia Drive Wise driver assistance and safety features. Keep reading this blog from Frank Boucher Kia of Racine to learn more about the new 2022 Kia Forte.

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2021 Kia Forte parked on a grassy patch of land

What Features are Available on the 2021 Kia Forte?

2021 Kia Forte Designed with Convenient Features

The 2021 Kia Forte is a compact sedan that is just as powerful as it looks. With its sleek exterior and convenient interior, this vehicle is gaining popularity. In this blog we will go over some of the specs, interior features, and driver assistance technology that makes the 2021 Kia Forte a good option for your next sedan.

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Comparison image of a Kia vehicle's grille and a Honda vehicle's grille

How Does the Kia Vehicle Lineup Compare to the Honda Vehicle Lineup?

Vehicle Lineup Comparison: Kia vs Honda

If you own a Kia vehicle, have you ever wondered how the Kia lineup matches up against other popular brands? If so, then you have come to the right place! Today, the staff here at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine will be exploring how the Kia vehicle lineup stacks up against the vehicle lineup offered by Honda! Join us as we explore this comparison today!

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Two blue 2020 Kia Forte models

How well can the 2020 Kia Forte perform for you?

2020 Kia Forte engine specs and performance 

Though Kia’s Forte model lineup is known for the compact and reliable precision that it provides, that’s not all it has up its sleeve. For the upcoming 2020 model year, we expect the Forte to perform at a level that rivals the sportier vehicles in its compact sedan class. Come and see the 2020 Kia Forte engine specs and performance features with our Boucher Kia sales team today – there’s a lot to love!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Profile shot of red 2019 Kia Forte parked on track

Recommended tire pressure for the 2019 Kia Forte

Efficient, quick, and an overall fun-to-drive vehicle, the Kia Forte is one of America’s fastest-rising sedans, both in terms of popularity and quality. It’s able to give you maximum return on investment every time you step behind the wheel, but it can only achieve this when its tires are filled up in the correct fashion. Today, our Boucher Kia sales team will show you the recommended tire pressure for the 2019 Kia Forte, so that you can see what level you should be keeping them at during all times!  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Kia Forte parked showing front and side profile

Innovative technology features and long list of comfort options available in new 2018 Kia Forte

2018 Kia Forte Technology Features and Comfort Options 

In your search for a new compact car that can offer you all the qualities you desire, you’ve probably noticed how many vehicles there are to choose from in the incredibly popular automotive segment. If you want to get behind the wheel of a new car that can give you a long list of innovative technology features and luxurious comfort options at a price you can afford, the 2018 Kia Forte is a perfect choice. Keep reading to learn more about what the new 2018 Kia Forte has to offer you. Read the rest of this entry >>