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What does the Kia Eco button do?

Kia has come out with a number of advanced technologies in recent years for improved performance and driving experience. One such system is Kia’s Active Eco System. This system was designed for improved levels of fuel economy and can be activated in capable Kia models with simply the touch of a button. What the Kia Eco button does then is engage Kia’s Active Eco System which works to get drivers the best fuel economy possible through engine control.

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When the button is pressed, there will be an indicator light on the instrument cluster as a reminder the system has been engaged. The system will active every time your turn your Kia on until you push the Eco button again to turn off the system.

What is Kia’s Active Eco System?

Kia’s Active Eco System is available in 2016 Kia Soul, Forte, Optima and other 2016 models, and helps the models to achieve a higher level of fuel economy by adjusting the engine and transaxle operating parameters. When the Active Eco System is activated, drivers may experience reduced acceleration performance, limited air conditioner function, a different shift pattern and a louder engine all occurrences happening to improve gas mileage.

2016 Kia Soul Frank Boucher Kia
2016 Kia Optima Frank Boucher Kia
2016 Kia Forte Frank Boucher Kia

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You can also improve your fuel economy by practicing efficient driving skills. Driving your car a certain way can help reduce wasted energy. Habits such as excessive speeding and fast braking, letting your engine idle for long periods of time and not keeping up on regular vehicle maintenance all affect how fuel efficient your vehicle is.

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To test drive one of our Kias equipped with the Active Eco System, come see the team at Frank Boucher Kia in person or you can schedule an appointment online with the vehicle of your choice. We can also help you with any vehicle maintenance you may want to keep up on. We have a full service service department, staffed with technicians that specialize in the Kia brand.